Do You Wanna Use Some Draaaaaaaaaano?

I’d thought I wanted to address the hideous clog in the shower.  Until I realized tonight that the unpleasantness of having to slosh around in ankle-deep water is helping hustle my 8 yr old out of the “shower” (aka one-person reenactment of the movie “Frozen”, with some water falling) more quickly.  So now I’m pretty torn about whether I want to unclog the drain.

A bit evil? Yes.

But quite understandable?  Also yes.

Toodle Like an Egyptian

The kiddo has a new habit that is hilarious when she does it to my husband, and slightly less amusing when she does it to me, although still pretty funny.  She will ask a question, and when you start to answer she begins playing a tune on her recorder full force and cannot hear your answer.  It’s almost like, she wants to register the fact that she has a question – so, basically, “Don’t go anywhere b/c I need your input on something” – but the urge to blast away on the recorder is too overpowering, so we are expected to press pause and wait until she’s done playing and then remember what her question actually was, once the buzzing noise in our skulls settles down.

She has also deemed her current recorder style to be “Egyptian.”  It does sound quite exotic, kind of reminds me of perhaps Israeli singing or some kind of trilling or ululating vocal style.  So it’s been her “Egyptian style” of recorder, at top volume, that she starts booming in your ear just after asking you a question.