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Food and Happy.  The two recently discovered little gems below certainly fit the bill.

1) Belvita golden oat breakfast bars: http://www.belvitabreakfast.com/#golden_oat
My daughter’s school introduced us to these when they were trying to round out the list of safe snacks she can have, b/c she’s allergic to nuts, eggs, seeds and, as of 12/1/12, shellfish (another story for another day. . .).  These were safe and they asked if I wanted to try one of the apple cinnamon kind.  It looked a bit, er, dry and overly wheaty, but man it was good.  Then my husband got the golden oat kind to try, and I was dazzled.  Oaty.  Biscuity.  FOUR to a pack!

One day I gilded the deliciousness lily and had my Belvita golden oat biscuit with a milky cup of Irish breakfast tea. . . and now it is my go-to craving.  Odd to crave something every day that I didn’t even know existed before September.  They’re also delightful with milky, milky chai.  I don’t dip – too soggy – I like to hold a bite in my mouth and then take a sip of tea.  Heavenly!

2) Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butterhttp://www.traderjoes.com/fearless-flyer/article.asp?article_id=761
It ain’t actually butter but it is wicked good.  I’ve been spreading it on wheat crackers when I wake up hungry around 2:00 every night.  I’ve also stirred it into my morning oatmeal; oh mama, that’s yummy.

Neither of these is health food, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that, for things that are so yummy, they do have some nutrition to them and aren’t too bad in terms of calories or fat.


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Embracing your own story

Romantic love, having a love in your life, is your own unique experience.  I believe there are as many versions of true love as there are stars in the sky and stories in our imaginations.

For me, true love has been finding the person you don’t have to hide yourself from, ever.  Being with someone who will help you become your best self and knowing they will make you want to be your best self for you, for them, for the family.  Hearing your closest friends say “He’s the male you!” when they meet him, and his friends telling him you are the female version of him.  For me opposites have not attracted.  We are by no means precisely alike, but enough alike so as to spook each other out with the guessing of thoughts we though so unguessable.  Having a rich and whimsical set of family jokes, traditions, and fabricated words that are a bit too involved to too explain to others – and are so ingrained we often forget that they’re not everyday words and leave others confused.  The actions of love have sometimes been gentle compassion and sometimes have been hard-nosed honesty when the person needs to hear something.  It is blubbering at heart-wrenching movie scenes with no shame.

This year is our tenth anniversary.  During those ten years we bought a house, had a child, completed a graduate degree, adopted and said goodbye to 2 pets, said goodbye to several departed friends and loved ones.  It has been a canyon and a grain of sand all at the same time.

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happy to me

This morning I was at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.  I was in my own world: idly scratching some dry skin, flipping thru the stations and such.  I had briefly gotten a look at the brunette 30-something woman in the truck in front of mine; I didn’t recognize her.

When I got to the counter, the woman said – “You’re all set.  The woman in front of you paid for your order.”

I was floored.  Not so much because this happened, but because it’s the first time it’s ever happened and today is my birthday.  It jarred me a bit at first, thinking – how did she know it’s my birthday??  Then I realized – she didn’t.  She’s a stranger and this is a coincidence – how perfectly lovely!

What made it especially great was it turned out to be a tough work day with some decidedly un-fun surprises.  We had technical issues that caused some users to have problems and we were scrambling and on top of that I was trying to tie up loose ends before taking some time off.  However, through today’s crunchiness I kept on smiling from that amazing drive thru experience.

I didn’t get to thank the generous gal, she fled too quickly, but she was a few cars ahead when I made a left and she went straight so I honked a light melodious honk: “Toot toot tooty toot-toot, toot!” that hopefully she heard and realized it translates into: “Thanks for the iced coffee, mate!”

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