To Do

Hey there, just going over the status of my to do list for the holiday break; let’s see now:

  • watch a chucklehead try to simultaneouly smoke and sled with his nieces – check!
  • make delicious eggless banana bread (thank you allergy mama Kelly Rudnicki…) – check!
  • fold 77 loads of laundry – check!
  • catch up on 8 months’ worth of bill filing – check!
  • annual grouse to spouse about how lame of a holiday new year’s eve is – project was started but needs some additional attention
  • go iceskating, take a digger – check!
  • glare at the xmas tree from 12/26 on, in the hope that it will sheepishly climb the 2 flights to the attic and put itself away – check!

lookin good!

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